Palestine House East Hill Retaining Wall
~~ 4 Boards and Such ~~

East Wall at the end of the day (Monday, 10 May 2010)
Kay, the "overseer" is doing her work! Sam is doing much better and venturing outside now, with ever-watchful Maggie watching over him!
Bill filing in the top of post holes with more dirt.
Sam is measuring the boards.
Sam trying out the rock which will become my new "seat" in the rockwall!
Bill filling in the open spots with boards.
Dorothy is holding UP the bottom board so Bill can screw it in place.
Can't quite figure out WHAT neighbor Kathy is doing!
After Bill gets all the boards in the east wall... he sits and relaxes.
When he goes back to work, however, he dumped his load of dirt on the board pile!
Bill's cell phone is constantly with him!
It's nice to have company when you are stuck behind the wall!
DOROTHY has gotten the black plastic stapled behind the wall..
(no pictures of this event!), while Bill rests again!

Pictures by Dorothy Bruce
~~08 May 2010~~